Wednesday, September 22, 2010


not that my life has been completely terrible, but it has been extra wonderful as of late. i have finally found friends who have learned to accept, and even embrace, my quirky comments and ways of thinking. it's really quite nice to actually have people in my life who enjoy discussing things that really matter, and who don't give me strange looks whenever i say something random or thoughtful.

on another note, after class last night i decided i wanted to sit on the quad to do some studying for the two tests i have today. just as i was getting cozy on one of the benches under a streetlamp, kris texted me and said that there was a worship concert going on at the ampitheater. as we walked up, the band was playing "how he loves" by David Crowder Band, which happens to be one of my all time favorite worship songs. if you don't know it, i highly reccomend looking it up. it really just drives home how much God loves each of us, and how he redeems each of us, and is more than happy to do so. i cannot listen to it without being overcome with an immense sense of gratitude. to think that the One who made the mountains, the tulips, the stars, and everything beautiful takes the time to pursue my fragile, deceitful, broken heart is so hard for me to comprehend. i love Him, and i want to continue loving and living for Him everyday for the rest of my life, not because it's easy, but because He deserves it.

the other day, i asked someone what they wanted out of life, and the answer i got in response made my heart smile.
he said that he wants to live the life that God puts before him, and that he wants to be content with that, whatever it might bring. i really can't describe how incredibly happy i was to read that, mostly because that would have been my answer, word for word. i wish more people i know would just let God tell them what to do with their lives instead of chasing after money and power, mostly because i know that these things won't ever truly satisfy. it breaks my heart to know that people waste their time on things they think will bring fulfillment, only to go to bed heartbroken and lonely because they're still empty, still unsatisfied.

God's love is enough. His grace is sufficient. Let him ravish your heart and transform your mind. it's truly a beautiful thing.

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