Sunday, August 22, 2010

"We should probably head out, Joan. I know these boys must be suffocating under this bed."

hahaha, this quote, from none other than my adorable Pop, absolutely made my day.

he and nana, in their amazing-ness, kindly drove the two hours from birmingham to troy to take me, rachel, and aly to lunch. we ate at Sisters, a quaint restaurant known for it's down-home southern cookin'. and trust me, neither the baked chicken, ham, roast beef, nor the sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, green bean casserole disappointed...and that is just the tip of the iceburg. after devouring our first two plates, rachel, alyssa and i quickly decided our mode of attack would be to get one of each dessert (peach cobbler, apple cobbler, banana pudding, cherry cake, bread pudding, etc) and share. pop, in an attempt to make me look like a complete fatty, i'm sure, got me to also get him two pieces of chocolate cake. and boy, did i get some interesting looks on the walk back to our table, haha.

despite this disturbing act of gluttony, today has been wonderful.

i truly couldn't ask for better grandparents. i don't know anyone else who has a nana and pop who would wake up, drive two hours to spend an hour at lunch and thirty minutes in a dorm afterwards, only to turn around and drive two hours back home. on a saturday. when i grow up and have children and grandchildren of my own, i hope that i am just like them. sure, sometimes nana can be overbearing, but she has all of the qualities a woman of God should possess. moreso, i know that if i ever needed anything, and i mean anything, they would be there for me in an instant. i know people toss that statement around all the time, but how often do you truly BELIEVE them when they say that to you?

i'm disgustingly blessed, and it breaks my heart to know that i forget it sometimes.

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