Friday, February 6, 2009


this wednesday, i had an hour between when math class concluded and my noon-time lunch with my friends begun, so i decided to go to the bookstore. i wandered around in search of a book that caught my eye until i found one that sparked my interest. it was entitled The Great Influenza, and it was about diseases of that time period and how science has advanced so much in the past two hundred years. i only got to read for about an hour, but i found it incredibly intriguing. then again, i am quite obsessed with things of that sort, and have always found myself fascinated with viruses and science.

on another note, i have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and i feel that there are so many goals i want to obtain in life, and not nearly enough time. it's so strange to me, feeling suffocated by my own ambitions. i have recently decided to finish learning Spanish, and to learn French over the summer. i have an incredible desire to succeed in whatever i decide to pursue, and it seems to be taking its toll on me. i won't ever give up on my goals though, until i reach them that is.

because of this, i've decided to make a wish list of sorts of all the things i wish to accomplish before i die.

1. learn French.
2. learn Spanish.
3. travel. everywhere.
4. write at least one book of poetry.
5. run a marathon.
6. go skydiving.
7. discover something scientific.
8. see at least one opera every year.
9. inspire someone.
10. make a difference in someone's life.
11. never let myself forget how blessed i am.

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